UJFA was at Oleshky Specialized Comprehensive School

„The Ukrainian Jewish Family Album“ has been at Oleshky Specialized Comprehensive School No.2 from February 18 to 29, 2019! Thanks to Nadezhda Kolpachenko and school director, Mr. Sidorenko, there has been a fantastic program with lectures, film screening, a walking tour and student projects! Furthermore, an amazing 12 students have been trained as tour guides for our Ukrainian exhibition!

This is what Nadezhda shared with us after the exhibition event: „Thank you for the opportunity to explore the history of personal stories of people who used to be and are a fixed part of the Ukrainian society before, during and after the Holocaust. Oral history and visual sources are an important historical tool designed to preserve the memory of the past.“

Thanks to all students and teachers involved! Thanks, Oleshky active citizens!

Veteran educator Tetyana Irioglu presents UJFA on local TV

Our veteran educator, Tetyana Irioglu, presented Centropa‘s exhibition „The Ukrainian Jewish Family Album“ on a local television broadcast.

Thanks so much, Tetyana! It‘s ambassadors like you that make the Trans.History project successful and sustainable!

Our Ukrainian exhibition is still on display at Collegium “Elint” in Zaporizhia until March 15!

Watch the TV report with Tetyana here!

Winners of lesson plan competition chosen!

Thanks so much to all of you who participated in our Lesson Plan Competition for Moldova and Ukraine!

All your submissions were well-grounded, intriguing and each one had an individual signature. We are extremely thankful for your contributions and are working on making them available on our Trans.History project webpage as soon as possible.

It took a little longer than announced and it was a lot tougher than expected to select a winner. And honestly, each single one of your 

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Odessa seminar application closed

Application for our Trans.History seminar in Odessa from April 12-14, 2019 is closed now!
We received 185 (!!!) applications. This is simply overwhelming! We are absolutely delighted by your huge interest in our educational program.
Review of all applications will start right away and we will inform all participants as soon as possible!
So, stay tuned!

„The Ukrainian Jewish Family Album“ at Nestor Litopysets Volhynia Lyceum in Kremenets

„The Ukrainian Jewish Family Album“ has been at Волинський ліцей імені Нестора Літописця in Kremenets from February 1-13, 2019. More than 600 people have been introduced to the exhibition, in particular due to the wonderful students who acted as tour guides: Inna Strizhak (Стрижак Інна), Yana Shirma (Ширма Яна), Katerina Prokopishin (Прокопишин Катерина), Olga Boyanzhiy (Боянжій Ольга), Irina Yatchishina (Ятчишина Ірина).

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New articles about Trans.History seminar in Lviv

Check out the worthwhile blog of Daniel Bernsen, one of the workshop facilitators during our Trans.History seminar in Lviv, about the excursion led by Alex Den to Brody and Busk:

and the Trans.History seminar report written by our Rohatyn tour guides Marla Raucher Osborn and Jay Osborn of NGO Rohatyn Jewish Heritage: