Between 2000 and 2006, Centropa conducted 275 interviews in Ukraine and Moldova. We never used video in those interviews; we did not focus solely on the Holocaust. Instead, we digitized 22,000 family pictures and we asked each of our respondents to tell us stories about those pictures. For the Trans.History project, we turned some of the most compelling stories into short multimedia films, which are ideal for classroom use. All the words you’ll hear in these films were taken directly from our interviews and we used professional actors in each country to narrate the stories.

On our film page, you will also find films from other countries that we find relevant for teachers and students in Ukraine and Moldova. All of these films have been subtitles in your language. If you are an English teacher, we encourage you to visit Centropa‘s complete film page, where you can find 50 films in English or with English subtitles, from a total of 15 countries.

Are you missing a film? We add at least two films each year, and if you want to help expand our film library by offering translations for subtitles, please send a note to