Youth competition 2018/19

The youth competition for students from Ukraine, Moldova and Germany encourages young active citizens from schools to create a innovative and creative project in one of the three categories

  • Movies
  • Graphic stories
  • Project realisation of individual choice

on the topic of Jewish history/ Jewish heritage of their town or region.

Submission deadline for all projects is March 24, 2019!

The winning projects will be presented during Centropa’s Trans.History seminar in Odessa from April 12-14, 2019.

Movie projects:

You can find practical tips on how to create video projects in our film making guidelines.

Graphic stories:

If you are interested in developing a graphic story, you can either choose one of the Jewish life stories from the Centropa and Trans.History webpages or research a story on your own. Have a look at two best practice examples using Centropa‘s stories here and here. This is a story based on student‘s own research.

The graphic story may be in your own language, but do not forget to include an English translation when submitting the project.

Individual projects:

This category gives you the opportunity to realize a project of your individual choice. This could be a concept for a small exhibition on a persons life story or the history of a town or region. You could develop a walking tour on the trails of Jewish life in your town. Create a photo story (pictures and text) about the Jewish heritage of your town or region. Design a brochure with detailed information (pictures/ text/ links) about the Jewish heritage for people visiting your town. There are no creative boundaries here. You can submit your individual projects as Powerpoint presentations, PDFs or a document alike.

Contact and project submission:

If you have any questions regarding the realization of your project, contact us through our contact form or on Facebook.

Once you have completed your project, you can submit it here.

The Winners:

The prize fund of this year’s international competition is 700 Euro overall!

Besides, a delegation of students and teachers of the award-winning projects will be invited to join one of the training seminars of our new Ukrainian partner NGO „Logos“ somewhere in Europe next year for free!

The awarded films will also be made available on the Trans.History website, so that hundreds of schools around the world can view them and may use them in class.

We are looking forward to your interesting and creative projects!